IMI Industries has steadily thrived in tandem with the evolving energy landscape.

Oil & Gas

IMI Industries: More than just products, it's a partnership for comprehensive energy solutions.

Focus: Enhancing efficiency and safety in Oil & Gas operations.
Expertise : Core Products: Valves, control devices, measuring devices. Supporting Services: Spare parts, after-sales service.
Offerings : Core Products - Valves, control devices, measuring devices. Supporting Products - Spare parts, after-sales service.

Isolation Valves:

ValvTechnologies: Zero-leakage,  metal-seated valves ideal for diverse oil & gas applications like molecular sieve, drum isolation, heater isolation, catalyst handling, hydrogen isolation, and reactor processes.

Control Valves and Equipment:

Copes-Vulcan: Expertise in control valves, actuators, and steam conditioning equipment for severe service applications in refineries and petrochemical plants.

Orion HIPPS Valves: High-integrity pressure protection systems safeguarding offshore platforms from overpressure events.

Spares and Upgrades:

Carter Process Control: Manufacturer of critical and soft spares for control valves, including multipath trims, spray water nozzles, and quick-change seat & plug strainer upgrades.

General Service Valves:

FBV: Extensive range of ball, gate, globe, check, plug, and butterfly valves in various materials, suitable for non-critical oil & gas operations.

Cooling Towers:

BAC Cooling Towers: Customized cooling solutions for refineries and petrochemical plants, promoting energy savings and resource conservation.


Thermo Electric: High-temperature sensors and multipoint sensors for accurate temperature monitoring in critical oil & gas processes.

Ashcroft: Comprehensive pressure and temperature instrumentation solutions (gauges, sensors, switches) for process monitoring and safe operation.

Fuel Gas Handling:

REPCo: Expertise in fuel gas treatment, metering, and compression units, catering to oil & gas facilities’ fuel preparation needs.

Valve Automation:

Ontrac Actuators: Diverse selection of actuators (quarter-turn and multi-turn) capable of automating valves in demanding oil & gas conditions.

Combustion Safety:

Fireye: Leading manufacturer of flame safeguard controls and burner management systems for oil & gas operations, ensuring process safety and efficiency.

Drive Technology:

Renk: High-performance gearboxes, slide bearings, and couplings for reliable and efficient power transmission in oil & gas extraction, processing, and transportation.

Fluid Measurement:

KeyOnTech: Balanced flow meters for optimizing fluid flow within oil & gas pipelines and processing units.

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