IMI Industries has steadily thrived in tandem with the evolving energy landscape.

IMI Industries has steadily thrived in tandem with the evolving energy landscape.

Power Plant

IMI Industries Co., Ltd. is a global leader in delivers comprehensive engineering & EPC services across all sectors for the global energy industry.

Focus : Products and services tailored to specific needs of the energy industry, particularly power plants.
Goal : Improve efficiency and safety of power plants.
Offerings : Core Products - Valves, control devices, measuring devices. Supporting Products - Spare parts, after-sales service.

Severe Service Isolation Valves: ValvTechnologies specializes in metal-seated, zero-leakage isolation valves ideal for challenging power plant applications, including BFP recirculation, HP header economizer drains, and HRSG hot reheat isolation..

Control Valve and Steam Conditioning Solutions: Copes-Vulcan provides comprehensive control valves, actuators, and steam conditioning equipment for precise flow and temperature management, supporting applications like turbine bypass and pressure reduction.

General Service Valves: FBV offers a wide range of valves in various materials for non-critical power plant applications requiring reliable shut-off and flow control.

Customized Cooling Systems: BAC Cooling Towers delivers energy-efficient and resource-conserving cooling solutions, including factory-assembled towers and direct motor drive systems, to optimize power plant performance.

Versatile Valve Automation: Ontrac Actuators‘ extensive range of torque and thrust options caters to diverse valve and damper automation needs across power plants, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Combustion Technology: Forney’s expertise in front-end combustion components, including burners, igniters, and flame detectors, supports efficient and safe fuel combustion in power plants.

Critical Instrumentation: Ashcroft provides a comprehensive suite of temperature and pressure instruments, including gauges, sensors, and switches, for accurate and reliable monitoring of vital power plant parameters.

High-Performance Drive Technology: Renk’s specialized gearboxes, slide bearings, and couplings offer robust and efficient solutions for auxiliary systems within power plants, potentially enhancing operational performance.

Essential Spares and Upgrades: Carter Process Control specializes in critical and soft spares for valves and control systems, including actuator spares and quick-change seat upgrades, ensuring reliable plant operation and minimizing downtime.

Fuel Gas Treatment and Handling: REPCo‘s expertise in fuel gas treatment and metering units, alongside compression equipment and modular process plants, caters specifically to gas-fired power plants, ensuring efficient and safe fuel handling.

 Flow Measurement Optimization: KeyOnTech‘s balanced flow meters offer potential for optimizing water or steam flow within power plants, contributing to improved efficiency and resource utilization.

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