IMI Industries has steadily thrived in tandem with the evolving energy landscape.

Petrochemical & Chemical

IMI Industries: A Trusted Partner for the Petrochemical & Chemical Industry

Focus : Commitment Supporting Thailand's Petrochemical & Chemical industry for efficient and safe operations.
Reputation : Globally recognized for high-quality, reliable products and services.
Offerings : Extensive range of valves, including control valves, safety valves, and isolation valves. Engineering and design services to meet specific customer requirements.

Severe Service Valve Solutions:

ValvTechnologies: Global leader in metal-seated, zero-leakage valves for critical applications like fossil fuels, nuclear, upstream/downstream oil & gas, and chemical processing. Specializes in reactor isolation, high-temperature/pressure services, and corrosive environments.

Carter Process Control: Provides replacement parts and upgrades for severe service control valves, including tungsten carbide trims, spray nozzles, and quick-change seat & plug systems. Ideal for extending valve life and optimizing performance.

Control and Instrumentation:

Copes-Vulcan: Established manufacturer of control valves, actuators, and steam conditioning equipment for demanding applications in power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical, and nuclear sectors. Expertise in auxiliary steam pressure control, temperature regulation, and desuperheating.

Ontrac Actuators: Offers a comprehensive range of rotary, linear, and part-turn actuators for automating valves and dampers in harsh conditions. Suitable for diverse petrochemical and chemical processes.

Ashcroft: Leading supplier of pressure and temperature instruments for critical process applications. Extensive product portfolio includes gauges, sensors, switches, thermowells, and multipoint sensors, ensuring accurate and safe operations.

Process Equipment and Optimization:

REPCo: Specializes in modular process plants and equipment for energy and power projects. Offers fuel gas treatment, metering, and compression units, addressing fuel processing and gas handling needs in the petrochemical industry.

BAC Cooling Towers: Delivers customized cooling solutions for industrial and refrigeration applications. Offers factory-assembled cooling towers, direct motor drive systems, and energy-saving fans and blades, contributing to plant efficiency.

Additional Offerings:

FBV: Manufactures a wide range of valves in various materials and complies with industry standards, suitable for general service applications in the petrochemical sector.

Thermo Electric: Specializes in high-temperature, multipoint, and miniature sensors essential for monitoring critical petrochemical processes.

Fireye: Leading provider of flame safeguard controls and burner management systems for commercial and industrial facilities, ensuring safety and reliability in petrochemical plants.

Renk: Offers high-speed gearboxes, slide bearings, and couplings for reliable and efficient oil and gas extraction, processing, and transportation, potentially relevant for upstream petrochemical operations.

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